Fri, 13 Apr 2012 10:25:29 GMT | By MSN Malaysia

Jehan Miskin

MSN chats with the talented and charming actor Jehan Miskin.

Jehan Miskin (© Jehan Miskin)

Penang-born Jehan Miskin, 31, is a prolific actor, host and producer. He has starred in numerous films and TV series namely, 'Prince of The City', 'Sepah The Movie', 'Apokalips' and juggled both roles as an actor and producer on 'Suka Benci Kamu' as well as hosting and producing 'Astro Hitz K-Pop Talent Show'.

But before he delved into the world of acting, Jehan has always wanted to be a video game developer! "I have always wanted to created something from nothing. Nothing but an idea, I mean. So the first thing that I wanted to do was to be a video game developer. But since that didn't actually exist in Malaysia at the time, I entered filmmaking, which still pretty much allows me to created something from and idea. I have been an actor and host for almost a decade and have founded Mastermind Group, a production house of talented, creative like-minded filmmakers."

Did you know, he was a computer science graduate from England? Neither do we!

Fun fact: I am a super nerd who is addicted to video games